2020 Service Award Honorees

Andi Overton

Andi works every day to make someone Hagerstown a little bit better than the day before. She has raked leaves for elderly neighbors. She has brought folks without a car to doctor’s appointments. She has counseled people on resume building, workforce development and higher education. She is dedicated to serving her community in an “everyday way”. There is no job too small or problem to large for her to take on.

She is currently running for mayor. At the time of this writing she has spent nearly every weekend since May 2029 knocking on doors to talk to people about how to better our community. That’s about 50 weekends. Of walking 8 hours a day over two days to just…. listen, learn, and respond.

Today, she is delivering food to kids whose school has been shut down by COVID19. No one asked her… she just got up and did it.

This is Andi. Every day helping people. No matter if other people know or not. Because it is the right thing to do.

Ebonie Williams

I am nominating Eb Williams for her work in successfully resurrecting the Youth Summer Basketball League. It was all but dead. She paid respect to one of leagues Pioneers by naming it the Ruth Ann Monroe Summer League. It was a perfect tribute to a woman who gave her all to the youth in Wheaton Park area.

Eb has taken the torch with her ability to reach youth through the game of basketball. She coordinated a much-needed makeover of the basketball courts. With newly painted courts and brand-new glass baskets and backboards. The courts have never looked better. Since she has taken over the league, it has grown not only in numbers but also in popularity. Over 200 Youth signup and participate in the Sunday classics. With Heavy Spectator attendance from people of all nationalities and communities. Eb and her staff work extremely hard to ensure everyone is entertained on Sundays. With a D.J. Food Vendors and Ice cream trucks. All ages are welcome to attend. Admission is free the same price the kids pay to participate in the league.

Eb’s leadership and her staff’s commitment are unmatched. They all Volunteer their time, planning and effort to produce the best summer league in town. For this I nominate….. Ebonie Williams. She deserves it! She uplifts!

Dierdre Norris

Deirdre founded an organization, “It’s A Blessing To Be A Blessing” about 7 years ago to feed the homeless, elderly and working poor. She is available to her clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for food and personal hygiene items. She is a good listener, and this attracts the most reluctant clientele. She works in cooperation with a lot of the community churches and organizations and directs her clients to the proper venue when they are seeking help that she is not equipped to give. She keeps her clients informed about any food drives/giveaways, job openings, drug interventions, etc. Daily she performs mobile feedings and takes food to her clients and coordinates a public feeding every Thursday at lunchtime, where clients can get a hot meal and food to take with them for later.

All the work she performs is for “her purpose” and she is not compensated in any way except to have the respect of all who encounter her kind service to the community.

In addition, Deirdre Norris, (“Mama Dee”), suffers daily with a variety of severe, painful illnesses but still manages to push through her own circumstances to serve God and her community.

April Crohare

April had been a beacon of information and a strong source of support for my family and others. She led a special needs family group into supporting each other through this pandemic.

She raised money, obtained masks and distributed them to families, helped families find products they needed when items were scarce, she offered to drive through multiple counties to help families not even local to her own, and she even used her own money to help when people were in need of more.

She is someone who genuinely cares and wants nothing more than to help in any way she can.