Women’s History Month

2021 Phenomenal Women

Award Honorees

Anastacia Broadus

Nominated by:  Ashley Baker

Ana is an amazing person. She has been my supervisor at Mediation 1st where I serve federal volunteer hours weekly. During this time she has dealt with alot of ups and downs, dealing with covid, being a new supervisor of a brand new center, and also dealing with personal and family things in the background. She spends alot of time with her church and serves hours to her community! She deserves this award and recognition !

Bria Chavis

Nominated by: Fred Chavis

Bria is a teacher at Northern Middle that goes beyond the call of a teacher to bridge the gap for our students. She tutors and takes countless time for her day to dedicate to our student’s well-being.

Carnela Renee Hill

Nominated By:  Jacynthia Batts

I am nominating Carnela Hill because she cares just that simple. With the many hats she wears from business owner, college professor, current president of NAWBO, she will and has always taken time out to help anyone who crosses her path. Carnela is a true trailblazer her company was selected to decorate the White House at Christmas during the Obama administration. In addition to her many accomplishments, she became an author writing an amazing book called Walking Afraid where she tells her stories of life circumstances and the ways she had to walk through each one. Carnela is a light, a woman of integrity and love. There is no way I could list all she has done not just for me personally but for the love of her community. Most recently she created a devotional group where women from all social backgrounds and walks of life meet through zoom to study a workbook, she has created called Walking Afraid. In this safe space women and sometimes men can speak and share about life, family, and careers.  In this environment of freedom and empowerment one can let go and talk about things affecting their lives, but to also be encouraged and uplifted.

Carolyn Sterling

Nominated by:  Tyree Sterling

Carolyn actively pursues those in needs, she’s retired and comes out of her pocket to pay for resources. She visits the elderly, helps them sort through their mail, pay bills, and drives them to medical appointments. All this while she’s a part time care-giver for a 91 year old lady AND pays out of pocket for other care givers to stay with her. She also sits on the board of RWJCC. She does MUCH for those who have NOTHING to give her in return.

Dr. Camille Bell

Nominated by:  Pamela Stinnett

Dr. Camille Bell is the Head of School at Frederick Classical Charter School. But she is so much more than the title implies. As evidenced by the acumen of her students, she is a superb educator who cares deeply for all her students. She lovingly parents them and exemplifies passion for a purposeful life. Further, she provides resources for students that enable them to be effective leaders. Finally, she empowers her staff to be the county’s best educators. Dr. Bell is deserving of this nomination and so much more because of everything she does for her students and staff.

Gloria Bates Boyd

Nominated by: Jaylen Webb & Ornetta Rice & Christina Williams

Jaylen Webb: I am nominating Mrs. Bates-Boyd, because not only is she my mom she is an advocate for young people in the city of Henderson NC and beyond. She has helped young people navigate their way through her Alma mater at the illustrious Elizabeth City State University, as well as recently starting up her non-profit organization called “I Am She”.

Ornetta Rice: Gloria uplifts others by lending support, giving informative information, as well as having a Facebook group. I Am She (Spiritually Harvesting Empowerment), where you can discuss issues, ask questions and encourage others.

Christina Williams: I nominated her because she is an inspiration to a lot of young people. She will give you the shirt off her back if you need it. Her kids and my child are half siblings, but she treats my daughter like she is her daughter. She is very kind heart. She is starting a nonprofit for girls, to teach them how to be young lady. For ex. How to dress appropriately and how to value your self, etc. She has a heart of gold and I love her. Thank you in Advance for even reading this!!

Jessica Scott

Nominated by:  Kamilah Scott

Jessica is actually my mother. although most children pick other people, or some pick their parent. I chose my mother because she is a strong independent black woman that puts others needs sometimes before hers. Jessica is a leader in the community. She is always open to new things and encourages me to do some new things too though sometimes I don’t want to. my mother is my hero. She’s my best friend. My mother pushes me to do better. When I see her down or upset or talking down I remember that like many other women she’s strong she went through labor to get me here so I won’t make her upset ! I will make her proud.

Kristin Holt

Nominated by:  Krystle Obrien

This remarkable woman has gone above and beyond for the small businesses in our community and surrounding communities. She is unwavering in her support to build brand awareness and visibility so that everyone thrives. Beyond being super creative and talented she is also genuine and serves her community in many other ways through non-profit sectors. She deserves this and so much more!

Ty Ziglar

Nominated by:  Daphney Smith-Jackson

Ty Ziglar is a light of hope in the Fuquay Community.  When I met Ty, when I first moved to the area she was the team Mom on my sons AAU track team.  At that time, she organized workouts for the other Mom’s while attending track practices.  Over the past year or so I have had the opportunity to get to know TY a little more and she never ceases to amaze me.  She has taken time to organize barber shop talks with the community and local police department, identify and give appreciation to EXTRAORDINARY women in the Fuquay area, organized a Black Lives Matter March in the Fuquay area to name a few.  Ty’s Keep in Poppin…Non-Stop Pop attitude motivates and inspires others.  Ty is one of the many women that have inspired me.

Pastor Marjorie Dozier

Nominated by:  Jeff Rodgers

Ms. Dozier is one of the associate Pastors at Atkinson Missionary Baptist Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She’s a Wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. She’s the kind of woman who will go out of her way to help others. She’s the example of the song by Luther Vandross, ” When you call on me, that’s when I’ll (she’ll) come running. She never judges people. A She’s someone special to not only me, but to a lot of people in Goldsboro.