2022 Phenomenal Women

Award Honorees

Eursula L. David-Sherman

Honored By: Cearrah L. Sherman

I am nominating Eursula L. David-Sherman, my mother, for this honor because she deserves it. She currently serves as a co-chair of the Connections Ministry alongside her husband at the Interdenominational Church of God (ICOG) and has been serving as a deaconess at that church for over 10 years. She has developed relationships with other ministries at ICOG as well as other churches in the community. Her leadership in the connection’s ministry has been pivotal in the revitalization efforts of the church and its outreach ministry. It has been through her leadership alongside her husband that ICOG has had many marvelous International Days which serve as a means to introduce the diverse cuisine of the world and to heighten the awareness and celebrate the heritage and culture that is represented in the church. Eursula also serves as the Program Manager for the Preceptor Academy at Adventist Healthcare and Chair of the Transition to Nurse Residency task force under the Maryland Organization of Nurse Leaders’ Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative. As a trailblazing leader, Eursula’s service toward her community goes beyond national borders. This past January, she traveled to Liberia, West Africa, the country where she was raised. While there, she went into the schools and taught the children proper hygiene techniques, children’s praise songs, and brought them different childhood favorite snacks to try from the USA. Eursula not only leads by example, but she is also compassionate, patient, charismatic, and proactive. Her dedication to spreading the gospel through acts of kindness is a true testament to her character. In all, Eursula’s strength and consistency are unparalleled. Eursula has displayed her incredible faith and strength as a cancer survivor who never stopped trusting in God and serving others. I therefore strongly recommend Eursula L. David-Sherman for the Women Who Uplift Service Award.

Shanikka Freeman

Honored By: Nyla Cummins

My mother has dealt with hardship most of my life and she has come out of every situation stronger than before. This year she found out she had breast cancer that was progressing rapidly. Without much time or thought she had to decide what to do. She had to have a double mastectomy and is currently in recovery now cancer free.

Renee Shaffer Montague

Honored By: Anonymous

I heard once that Selfless Giving is a pure form of Love. For years, Renee has selflessly supported our community. She is a silent force that just wants to DO, she doesn’t want anyone to know, she doesn’t need any acknowledgement, she just wants to support and share her passions. I recently had a conversation with another community member and somehow we got on the subject on how giving Renee is, how many folks and causes she supports. The two of us shared a similar story of how impactful Renee is as a City worker…how something as simple as a call/text from her had saved both of us from shame and embarrassment over the years. Renee’s focus was always to make sure that families had what was needed and she would help if it were necessary. We marveled over how many families that Renee has probably helped over the years. I can’t even count how many times I’ve shared a cause or a need and then got a private message from Renee offering help…she’s a guardian angel.

For as long as I’ve know Renee she has been an avid reader. I’ve had the pleasure of discussing and sharing thoughts and reviews on books we’ve both read and thankfully she has introduced me to books I might not have picked up. Renee then shared her passion and love of reading with the community a couple of years ago by building a Blerd Box/Little Free Library near her home. I can only imagine how many young readers have been influenced by just her having inclusive books in her Blerd Box. Since then, she has also dedicated a Book Nook to Tribe’s Cold Press’ seating area, adding books and items to encourage reading and knowledge.

Renee also loves art! She has beautiful pieces and supports the work of accomplished artists and those that are up and coming. She is strong and wise woman with a passion for uplifting and educating our future generations, but she is most comfortable and at peace with her feet in the sand with an ocean close by.

She is an incredible force and should be honored as a Phenomenal Women.

Najja Scott

Honored By: Kamilah Scott

For starters Najja is a great sister. Najja is a mother of three and is thriving doing it. Even in her darkest moments she always has a laugh about something. There’s never a dull moment. She’s been someone who gives GREAT advice. The beautiful smile and sometimes crazy hair. She’s strong, she’s brave, she’s one, she’s one of the most amazing people I know and fits the definition of BLACK EXCELLENCE.

Becky Hein

Honored By: Jane Powell, Kathy Witman, & Jessica Scott

Becky Hein is most definitely a woman who uplifts others. Many others!! She’s a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and also volunteers with the Literacy Council of Washington County, Katie’s Cupboard (the food pantry of Benevola United Methodist Church in Boonsboro), and Habitat for Humanity.

Becky has a stalwart love of teaching others and helping them to learn. This probably explains her 30+ years with the Literacy Council of Washington County. Becky serves as Board President, Tutor Trainer, tutor to 3 students, mentor to other tutors, and also does the assessments for prospective students in basic lit and math. As Board President, Becky has led our board through the vitally important tasks of future planning and the rewriting of our bylaws. As a tutor, and mentor of other tutors, Becky passionately sees an ability to learn in all of our students, bringing in, and sharing, her background in teaching and special education.

When our new office space needed a banner, she handmade one with the Council’s motto “Each One, Teach One” and two students reading a book. Yes, really. Handmade one herself.

I would be remiss not to mention that, as Executive Director, she uplifts me with a listening ear, an honest opinion, and the wealth of her experience.

Becky has become an invaluable part of Katie’s Cupboard food pantry since starting with us a few years ago. She does most of the food shopping and helps to organize the pantry so our clients are able to move through it in a streamlined and orderly fashion. She is always friendly and talks openly and reassuringly to each client that she encounters. Becky is the epitome of kindness and thoughtfulness and is always going out of her way to help others, whether they are her friends, casual acquaintances or complete strangers. For over a year, she worked with others during the pandemic quarantine to fill boxes with food and other necessities so the clients could still get their food by simply driving by and having the boxed goods put in their trunks without even having to get out of their vehicle. Becky is always looking for ways to improve upon the process of Katie’s Cupboard to make it simpler and easier for the clients as well as the other volunteers. She is a positive energy within the food pantry as well as within the church. She is always upbeat and willing to take on a challenge no matter how difficult. She is a beautiful example of a woman of faith and draws upon that faith to teach, comfort and inspire others. We are privileged to have her as a part of the Katie’s Cupboard team.

Several years ago, Becky joined Women Build with Habitat for Humanity. She has continued her work with us by serving as one of Habitat’s most beloved crew leaders; teaching volunteers many different tasks on our worksites, encouraging and empowering women (and men) to help build homes for the families that we serve and to continue to serve our community by volunteering. Becky masters her construction skills, not only on our sites, but by also attending annual mission trips with her church to help other communities in need. She serves wherever she is needed and is an amazing, strong, powerful and dedicated member of our crew.


Ann Rotz

Honored By: Jessica Scott

Ann was speaking at an event I was attending a few years ago and I knew immediately I wanted to know her better. Although I don’t remember when/where exactly we finally met, we absolutely connected. Ann is a passionate person, with a full heart focused on bettering the world that we live in and that our children will grow up in. She supports the work of numerous nonprofit organizations and causes because she believes in making a difference. Ann is a skilled attorney with a primary focus in estate planning, but she is also a colleague, mentor, daughter, wife and a friend. I’m honored to honor her as a Phenomenal Woman in our community for Women’s History Month.