Employee Benefits & Technology Certificate Program: 

Thursday, April 22nd through Saturday, April 24th

Thursday, April 22, 6-9 pm

Friday, April 23, 9-4 pm

Saturday, April 24, 10-4 pm

This training course will cover a spectrum of employee benefits and the pivotal role enrollment technology plays in enabling employers to create a more efficient enrollment  process for their employees.  The curriculum is designed to help individuals develop a comprehensive understanding of employee benefits principles and hands on training on the overall implementation on to an enrollment platform. Upon completion of the course  we will assess the employment needs of the attendees and work with key benefits brokers and benefits administration technology firms for job placement.

**If you are taking this course in seek of employment opportunities, the Workforce Readiness, Program is required.  Please send a copy of your current resume to info@WomenWhoUplift.com**

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